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                                                            Academic School Year: September - July Date TBD

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful...
The tuition & fees of Muhammad University of Islam in Richmond, Virginia is less than half the national average private school tuition of approximately $5,500 per year. Our tuition is based on and reflective of an annual decrease in salaried income of the families and communities we serve. The student tuition can be paid in by one of the following

1. Non-Registered Believer Tuition $5,500 Grades K-12
2. Registered Believer Tuition $4290 Grades K-12
3. All students must ​pay annual fees:
a. ​Registration Date TBD: ​Early- FREE $0, ​Regular- $50 ​Late/Open $100
b. Lifelong Text & Books $40 / ​Project Fees: $25 -Grades K-12 Due: Date TBD.


Additional Services:
        *MUI Transports: ​Due to COV-19 MUI does not offer transportation.

Financial Assistance:​ is available based on qualifying need as disclosed below titled FACTS Grant & Aid. Questions about financial aid and how to apply are best addressed during your school tour/informational meeting.

FACTS Grant & Aid:
Qualifying families can receive one of the following additional discounts:
    1. Staff discount: Staff immediate family members receive a 50% discount on tuition.
    2. Weekly annual discount: Tuition is paid on a 52-week schedule.
    3. Fundraising to provide tuition support.

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